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Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Testing and Troubleshooting Webinar

Ken Wyatt

Webinar Presented by Kenneth Wyatt
November 1, 2017
11:00AM ET (8:00AM PT)

In this final module we’ll cover ESD testing and troubleshooting. We’ll start off with some basic testing techniques, discuss product design aspects to help control the path of ESD current, show you several low-cost tools to help in the troubleshooting process. We’ll show you how to construct your own ESD detector and follow up with several case studies of some difficult ESD problems. Plus video demos! View Webinar Details

Date Seat
11/01/2017 Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Testing and Troubleshooting Sign Up Now 

Integration of Control Measures Webinar

Steven G. Ferguson 

Presented by Steven Ferguson
November 2, 2017
11:00AM ET (8:00AM PT)

This session makes use of the design and troubleshooting tutorials presented during this series and adds discussion of implementation. View Webinar Details

Topics include:

  • Shielding materials and effectiveness along with controlling shield leakage (ventilation, holes, clamshells, and various openings)

  • Component variances and the hidden schematic

  • Gasket implementation for effective treatment of slots and seams

  • Wiring and cable management to avoid filter bypassing and controlling the loop area

  • Filter pin connectors for low speed and high speed signal lines.

  • Transient control – pros and cons of various device types

  • Developing the EMC Control Plan to provide the overall approach for the entire design team and to bring test and production into the product development and manufacturing phase of the product life cycle

Date Seat
11/02/2017 Integration of Control Measures Sign Up Now


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Registration Policy:  If the registrant is unable to attend a particular session the recording and presentation will be provided. If Washington Labs Academy cancels a particular event, we will apply payment to another webinar or refund the charge for that event. Site license holders can list up to 10 different attendees (guests) for each registration. The name and email for each person that will sign-in is needed at least 1-business day prior to the event for us to establish sign-in privileges.

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