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Compliance Solutions for Global Marketplace

Welcome to Washington Laboratories (WL), an EMC Testing Laboratory in Frederick Maryland.

Testing & Engineering | Since 1989

Washington Laboratories is a fully Accredited EMI/EMC Testing Laboratory with more than 30 years of experience in EMC, Radio and telecommunications testing. We are an authority on EMI/EMC, safety and product compliance, and we have an amazing success rate — thousands of approvals for a broad range of clients. 

EMC/EMI/RF Testing

Full Service Electromagnetic Compatibility Test Lab: Extensive experience in a variety of engineering and testing programs for diverse products and systems.

Environmental Simulation

Full Service Environmental Test Lab: Extensive experience in both testing and test plan/procedure preparation, and an emphasis on flexibility and support during testing.

Product Safety Approvals

Complete Product Safety Approvals: U.S., Canadian, European and international product safety approvals can be secured with one stop at Washington Labs.

Integrated Services

  • Expert and timely solutions for Product Testing and Approvals and Wireless Certifications.
  • Particular experience in FCC Part 15, 90, 95, 22, 24, ETSI, EN standards for International and Domestic Regulatory Services for the EMC Directive.
  • Low Voltage Directive (LVD), Machinery Directive, Noise Directive, RoHS Directive, WEEE Directive, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Radio Equipment Directive (RED), CISPR, IEC.
  • Proven capabilities for Aerospace and Military Standard EMC, MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-285, MIL-STD-810 & DO-160 for NASA, Army, Air Force and Navy procurements.
  • Environmental compliance testing to include Vibration, Shock (2 displacement), Temperature (-73C to 200°C), Salt Fog, Humidity, Altitude (to 100,000 ft), Transit Drop (Packaged and Unpackaged), Immersion, Combined Vibration and Temperature.

International Approvals

Washington Labs is a trusted and reliable source of information for product compliance and approvals. Contact our IA team. We work closely with our IA partners at American Certification Body (ACB).  ACB provides worldwide certifications and product approvals for over 200 market countries.

Engineering Training

Our design support dovetails with engineering training support under the Washington Laboratories Academy. Learn more about our Upcoming Training Courses, Webinars, Seminar & Events

News and Updates

State Radio Regulation of China (SRRC) Updates

Notice Regarding the Radio Management of the 2400MHz, 5100MHz and 5800MHz Bands Below is a brief translation for the main topic regarding the update issued by the official website of the Ministry of...

Let’s Keep Working Together While Staying Safe

Dear Favored Colleagues and Associates: Washington Labs assures you that our services will continue while being extremely mindful of the safety and well being of you, our employees, and all of our...

Washington Labs and COVID-19 procedures

Dear Valued Clients, Colleagues and Friends Washington Laboratories values the health, safety and well being of our clients and employees as we continue to operate our normal schedule, providing...

WLL Consolidating Services in Frederick

Dear Customer, Colleagues and Friends, After 25 very fast years at our facility on Lindbergh Drive, we have decided to consolidate our Wireless/EMC/Safety/Environmental Testing and Engineering...
Virginia Diodes extension module

Diving into Millimeter Waves

Washington Labs dives into Millimeter Waves. We are pleased to announce our investment in the mmWave measurements with the recent purchase of a Virginia Diodes extension module. The new capability...

Washington Laboratories (WL)

Our Testing Laboratories specialize in Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing, Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Testing, Radio Frequency (RF ) Testing, Product Safety Testing, Environmental Testing, Electrical Safety, Environmental MIL-STD 810 Testing, MIL-STD 461 Testing, Shielding Services, Wireless Testing, Certification, EMC Compliance Engineering, EMC for Nuclear and Engineering Training. We also provide On-Site EMI and EMC Testing and Evaluations.

Testing & Engineering | Since 1989

Washington Laboratories has more than 30 years of experience in EMC, Radio and telecommunications testing. We are an authority on EMI/EMC, safety and product compliance, and we have an amazing success rate — thousands of approvals for a broad range of clients.