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violettesThe Washington Laboratories team has extensive experience in a variety of engineering and testing programs for diverse products and systems. From compliance testing to design reviews, mitigation, site surveys, specialized test services, customized seminars and webinars and engineering expertise, we provide state-of-the-art facilities, superior engineering and testing services and knowledgeable staff to help get your company’s products to market faster.

(At right) J.L. Norman Violette, Ph.D., M.B.A., P.E., international lecturer, founder of Violette Engineering Corporation (VEC), CEO of Washington Laboratories and co-author of the ELECTROMAGNETIC COMPATIBILITY HANDBOOK, worked for over 40 years in electromagnetics and electronics. Well-known for his pioneering efforts in EMC research and education, Norm conducted over 200 domestic and international EMC seminars. Norm passed away in 2008 [Obituary].

Mike Violette Michael Violette, P.E., co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Washington Laboratories, Ltd. brings unique expertise in the area of testing and engineering. Mike has written a multitude of EMC test plans, conducted a variety of site surveys and tested products, systems and components for industries as diverse as aerospace and architecture. He has expanded WLL’s operation to Asia and co-founded American Certification Body, with operations in the US, EU and Asia, providing certification services to the global market.
Liv Violette ViolettesLiv Violette, before the beginning. Liv is director of Marketing and PR at WLL. An accomplished and award-winning documentary producer, she manages development of new brand ideas in emerging media environments and across new ranges of messaging, including the popular series. And, most importantly, she is the mother of Sam and Leila Violette:
Peter and Aiko Peter Ling and Aiko Marioka, Since the Beginning. Our partners in California have been supportive, interested although their interests lie far afield from EMC (Peter runs a successful financial services company and Aiko creates great figurative, modern and nomadic sculpture. You can view her work here:
Thanks, Peter and Aiko.
Steven D. Koster Steve Koster, (since 12/22/1992). Steve is President of Washington Laboratories, Ltd. He balances EMC lab technical, schedule and customer care issues with humor, compassion and aplomb. He’s up for whatever it takes to keep things going, from pounding nails to blowing snow off the test ranges to flipping burgers. It’s not easy running a lab when projects stop and start, smoothing often-frustrated and anxious customers. Add the bewildering array of standards and you need Steve’s special skills and his good laugh to keep customers at-ease-and coming back.
Eric Thibau Eric Thibau, (since 1996). Eric has been a strong supporter and ami for over fifteen years, supplying ideas and enthusiasm and projects in close support with our staff. Eric, President of European Certification Partners, is always ready to offer his good guidance on opportunities and cooperation between European testing authorities and our US clients. A great travel partner and raconteur, Eric can tell the correct temperature to serve a Sancerre.
Patricia Sullivan Patricia Sullivan, (since 1996). Patricia has been supporting our customer service efforts since 1996, winning the trust of our clients and forging strong critical links within our team. She is passionate about delivering satisfaction and dedicated to the success of our customers. She is also passionate about health and wellness and lives and leads that in her daily life.
ThuanTa Ta Thuan, (since 9/25/2000). Ta has developed expertise in MIL-STD testing and supports our clients with patience and a good wit. Ta doesn’t get flustered; maybe it’s because he’s been through a rare maturation in his own journey. His story is exceptional, coming to the US alone as a young refuge from Saigon. He has firmly planted himself and is growing his young family in Suburban Maryland.
Lavern Robinson Lavern Robinson, (since 8/1/2001). Lavern keeps our customers informed of scheduling and arrangements for equipment and the nitty-gritty of keeping the projects moving smoothly. Lavern is keen to keep everyone informed and on-track, as much as possible in the sometimes-chaotic world of product development and testing. There is another layer of strength and fortitude to Lavern, whose faith shines through her fine family. Oh, and nice shoes, Lavern…
John Repella John Repella, (since 8/9/2004). John gets to travel to many exotic locations (wherever they stuck nuke plants that is) and is point-man for many on-site measurements. In addition, John keeps our QA processes up-to-speed, which has the extra “bennie” of interfacing with and keeping our accreditors happy. John also makes the hottest hots you would ever want to sprinkle on pizza or Chinese food. John is the mad scientist of capsaicin.
Christina M. Karlhoff Christina Karlhoff, (since 5/2/2005). Christina makes IT fun and short work of it. CK, as we shorthand, runs the WLL network, keeping the machines humming and the data flowing. She developed the database core that keeps our team connected across time and space. In addition, she is handy with a screwdriver and can hot-swap a power supply or tend an ailing hard drive. You can also get her hooked up in your next jam session. Power Chords, Please.
Elmer Rodriguez Elmer Rodriguez, (since 1/15/2007). Elmer joined us from a paging company and brings a systems-level appreciation to our projects. Stepping in with a deep understanding of electronics and communications, Elmer has full range of equipment skills and mastery. He also continues to polish his academic understanding of the art of engineering. Elmer likes fast, too, running around in kind weather on his rice-burner.
Steve Messner Steve Messner, (since 10/22/2010). Steve is Chief Financial Officer and brings a keen eye to the numbers, helping us predict our future performance and lending insight into smooth project flow based on the numbers. If you can’t measure it, you can’t control it, so Steve is our Numbers Measurer-in-Chief, keeping our financial dashboard in shape so we can do what we do best: serve our customers.
Corey Blackford Corey Blackford, (since 1/8/2010). Corey has the primary direction of the environmental services lab equipment, keeping things running, humming, chilling, shaking and shocking. Corey can manage multiple tasks and machines, keeping our throughput high and our deliverables on-time. Ask him about his passion: fast cars.
Kimberly Colbert Kimberly Colbert, (since 7/23/2012). Kim is our up-front, meet and welcome lady, but so much more than that. She provides her excellent support to marketing, calibrations, shipping and receiving, travel arrangements and all of the necessary details that the engineering and the rest of the team have come to rely on. Want it done? Ask Kim.
Joan Cangemi Joan Cangemi, (since 11/20/2012). Joan keeps track of all of our earning and spending, with a careful eye to optimizing our accounting and related processes. She does all the heavy AP/AR/P&L lifting that is so keenly important in the competitive, time-sensitive world of compliance testing and engineering. Plus, she has a keen love of all things Italian.
Sam Violette, (since 1/4/2016). Sam Violette is the first Mechanical Engineer on our team. He has been working in the machinery and automotive industry for the past several years and brings a mix of practical and applied experience to Washington Labs. He is working at our Frederick MD facility where we do our shake and bake and safety thing. Of course, he was present at the beginning of our venture so, you might say, we have grown up with him. When Sam is not engineering, he is SAABing in his silver four wheel turbo rocket.


Washington Labs Beijing Team

Since 2010, the Washington Labs Beijing Team has provided excellent support for China manufacturers seeking US and European approvals, working together with the AmericanTCB team in China.


L-R Henry Guo, Emily Wang, Vivian Guan, Cucy Zhao, Mike Violette, Steven Yang (President) & Grace Guo

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