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The Washington Laboratories Academy offers national training courses geared to meeting the demands of today’s progressive electronics designs and the needs of the professional engineers – who must bring them to market on-time and on-budget. From the complex military systems to the state of the art ITE, from crucial medical and ever-changing wireless, from unique RF to telecommunications equipment our training suite of courses will help these industry engineers gain the practical training they need in an easy to learn environment. WL Academy instructors are engineers themselves in challenging, fast-paced manufacturing and service industries – they get it.

From EMC to Product Safety, from Radio Frequency to Compliance and Environmental Design, we can help manufacturers get the training your design and testing engineers and technicians need.

The WL Academy specializes in comprehensive webinars, seminars and workshops that combine practical real-world engineering insights and solutions for today’s engineering challenges. Taught by experienced engineers, WL Academy Seminars feature two to five day courses in compliance design, engineering, testing and measurement subjects. WL Academy’s free workshops provide snapshot training days for current design and testing challenges. We also feature ancillary courses from nationally recognized partners in the electronics testing industry. Let us help your company ease your journey to product compliance.

Our training suite of courses will help engineers in these sectors gain the practical training they need in an easy to learn environment:

  • Complex Military Systems
  • State of the art ITE
  • Medical
  • Wireless, RFID, broadband, & satellite
  • Unique RF to telecommunications equipment
  • Commercial and utility nuclear & electrical power
  • Aircraft & aerospace instruments and new technology systems

Washington Labs partners with a select group of the most experienced and professional training partners in the engineering industry.

WL Academy instructors are often times engineers themselves in challenging, fast-paced manufacturing and service industries – they get it.

WLL offers a broad variety of educational programs for all levels of EMC and safety design engineers WL Academy’s EMC, Safety, Wireless and Environmental training programs feature:

  • full five day programs taught by iNARTE-Certified professionals
  • short programs
  • laboratory demonstrations
  • webinars covering conformity assessment and certification.


Engineering Training: EMC Design, Testing & Standards

Webinars and resident courses providing details on selecting applicable standards, integrating controls in the design and executing the test program are among the topics presented by the WL Academy.

Hot topics include; High Speed Digital Design, Laser Safety, Wireless Certification, MIL-STD-461 Testing, Electrical Safety, IEEE EMC Standards, CISPR 32, and many more


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