Did you know that MIL-STD-461 revision “G” defines a cable bundle as all wires and shields associated with a specific connector?

Discussion: This makes sense but it can lead us into making a poor choice in accomplishing selected tests.  For example if a connector wiring harness goes in two different directions as it exits the equipment the wiring will not be equally exposed to RF fields.  If we test the cable bundle for conducted susceptibility as a common field, then we would not induce differential signals missing a potential issue.  The good part is that tailoring allowed by the standard permits us to compensate for this risk and test each of the split bundles separately.   Note that the MIL-STD-461 configuration is based on a generic layout to cover many types of installations, but if we have specific installation parameters, we need to consider tailoring to emulate an actual installation.  This helps prevent a false pass or false fail leading to field issues or costs to solve a non-existent problem.

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