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Did you know that the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) requires Low Voltage Directive (LVD) compliance without regard to voltage?

Discussion:  RED 2014/53/EU paragraph 3 calls for LVD compliance and does NOT exempt equipment operating at less than the specified 50 or 75 V lower threshold.  Selecting an appropriate standard for the evaluation is not defined in the directive so a lot of questions regarding the evaluation standard are asked.  Many have arbitrarily chosen to use 60950-1 because the wireless feature places this into communications or the associated information technology category.  However, this may be a poor choice because we are not considering the primary function of the device.  If the primary function is used to determine the evaluation standard without regard to the radio feature, a more appropriate standard would be used.  For example, a medical device with a radio is still a medical device and 60601-1 (et al) would be appropriate – just don’t omit adding the radio back into the evaluation to assess RF exposure and other elements regarding RF safety.


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