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Did you know that the shielding effectiveness is determined by (effectiveness – leakage)?

Often a facility or enclosure specification calls out an overall shielding effectiveness stated in dB of attenuation and we are seeing where the requirements are based on a particular material’s spec sheet.  That seems like the two elements agree but the problem is that the leakage part of the equation is not considered.  Any gap or penetration in the shielding material can present a potential for leakage.  Doors are one of most difficult issues presenting a dis-continuity in the shield design – even shielded doors present gaps around the frame and hinges.  Wiring and plumbing items that penetrate the shield may present a means for signals to conduct through the shield presenting a leakage.  Details of shielding design have to consider the complexity or material and maintaining the integrity of the design – as well as the ability for integrating into the overall facility construction. – Questions or more information – contact us.


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