Did you know that MIL-STD-461G brought about the need for reducing facility power losses for the CS101 interfering signal?

Discussion: In MIL-STD-461G, A.5.7 if the specification limit cannot be developed and the pre-calibrated power limit is reached, it is “incumbent” that the tester check that the missing signal is not being dropped across the power source.  As shown in the sketch, a facility power filter often includes a series inductance that is not adequately bypassed by the bypass capacitor in the test circuit configuration at frequencies below 10 kHz.  Instructions indicate that the facility power filter may need to be removed to compensate and for DC power the bypass capacitor value increased to provide for the test voltage at the test article power input. Good idea – of course!

However the appendix (where this appears) is provided for guidance and is “not a mandatory” part of the standard.  If you would like more detail, don’t hesitate to contact us.

facility power filter

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