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Product Safety

2017 Recordings Available

This multi-part series was held on the following dates

The registration fee is $125.00 per each recording. Bulk licenses are available at discounted price, see chart below:

Bulk pricing options

Date Recorded Seat
4/18/2017 Ratings, Markings, Instructions Purchase Recording
4/25/2017 Electrical Safety Purchase Recording
5/2/2017 Mechanical Safety Purchase Recording
5/9/2017 Thermal/Fire Safety Purchase Recording
5/16/2017 IEC 62368 – Hazard Based Safety Purchase Recording
5/23/2017 Documents and Ongoing Safety Requirements Purchase Recording
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April 18, 2017: Ratings, Markings, Instructions – Presented by Steve Ferguson
This class serves as the introduction to compliance with product safety standards and the basis for the product evaluation. Proper ratings let the consumer know about demands on their electrical circuit and providing appropriate warnings, cautions and user instructions are critical to the overall use and avoidance of misuse that could produce an unsafe condition.

April 25, 2017: Electrical Safety – Presented by Steve Ferguson
This class deals with the various electrical requirements ranging from accessibility limitations to reduce shock hazard risks to application of proper insulation and space between hazardous voltage or energy and the low voltage circuits present in many products.

May 2, 2017: Mechanical Safety – Presented by Steve Ferguson
Mechanical requirements are associated with most products ranging from controlling access to moving parts to sharp edges to tip hazards. This class discusses the various aspects associated with mechanical considerations and introduces topics that need consideration in the product development.

May 9, 2017: Thermal/Fire Safety – Presented by Steve Ferguson
Electrical circuit operation often results in heat and in the presence of combustion potential for fire. This class examines requirements associated with heat from touch to deterioration of access prevention and containment of fire as appropriate. Sources and prevention of safety risks associated with thermal concerns are discussed.

May 16, 2017: IEC 62368 – Hazard Based Safety – Presented By Mark Maynard
IEC 62368-1:2014 incorporates the new Hazard-Based Safety Engineering (HBSE) approach, which helps enable the use of novel and innovative techniques for product designs and incorporation of new technologies. This standard will replace both IEC 60065 and IEC 60950-1, and will be applicable for Audio/Video electronics, Information Technology Equipment (ITE), telecommunications equipment, office appliances, and other specified types of consumer electronics. The European Union will mandate the use of this standard for CE marking in June, 2019, and the North American requirements are expected to apply before the end of this decade.

In this webinar you will learn about:

a. HBSE definitions and terminology
b. Comparison of performance-based standards to prescriptive standards
c. Applicability of requirement elements (electrical, flammability, heat, mechanical, etc.)
d. Identifying and quantifying risks
e. Requirements associated with safety related topics
f. Implementing conditions of acceptability
g. Maintaining compliance with parts obsolescence
h. Product life implications

May 23, 2017: Documents and Ongoing Safety Requirements –
Presented by Steve Ferguson This class outlines the life cycle updates to
maintain compliance and the need for production testing on a 100% basis. Keeping records, updating qualification to include replacement parts and
responsibilities for self-declaration as well as working with regulatory bodies to maintain listing of the product. Use of approved components is highlighted as a means of control and understanding conditions of acceptability and derating for implementation are integral to this class.

2016 Recordings

Date Recorded Seat
1/19/2016 Ratings, Labels, Manuals Purchase Recording
2/16/2016 Electrical Shock Protection Purchase Recording
3/15/2016 Insulation Design w / Creepage & Clearance Purchase Recording
4/19/2016 Laser Product Safety Purchase Recording
5/17/2016 LED Safety Purchase Recording
6/21/2016 Fire / Flammability Purchase Recording
7/19/2016 Mechanical / Stability Purchase Recording
8/24/2016 Laser Equipment Classification Requirements Purchase Recording
9/13/2016 Risk Analysis Purchase Recording
10/18/2016 Laser Facility Safety Purchase Recording
11/8/2016 Thermal Measurements Purchase Recording
12/13/2016 Routes to Compliance Purchase Recording
Single License 12-Pack of Videos (Bundle) $900.00 Single License Bundle
Site License 12-Pack of Videos (Bundle) $1,350.00

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Webinar Description

International laws dictate that products meet safety standards with a significant emphasis on Electrical Safety. Machinery, Communications Devices, Information Technology, Measuring Equipment, Medical Devices and many other products have specific safety standards prescribing requirements for various elements associated with safety. electrical, thermal, fire, mechanical radiation and other hazards are considered for almost every product that is placed on the market.

The webinar series will present details on test and evaluation methods for the more common tests required for international approval. The discussion will address test and evaluation methods along with approaches to incorporate safety control measures into your design. This series offers critical information for product designers, compliance management professionals and testing industry professionals involved with electronic systems development.

This multi-part series of one-hour webinars, presented at weekly intervals, provides detailed focus on evaluating products, mitigating issues, documentation and understanding the reason for the requirements.

Although the standard provides the basis, this course delves into what and why along with the how. Understanding the evaluation process brings forth items that the designers must consider.

Webinar attendees will receive a recording of the presentation and the presentation slides for reference long after the event.

Who Should Attend

  • Product and program managers that need to understand the safety compliance requirements;
  • Compliance engineers responsible for technical safety details supporting the product design;
  • Laboratory managers and test personnel responsible for developing and executing the test/evaluation programs;
  • Auditors and witnesses to gain insight on how tests are tailored for necessary variance from the standard.


Steve_FergusonSteven Ferguson has been working in EMC, Safety, MIL-STD, Nuclear, Energy and related compliance engineering and test for over 35 years at test laboratories and manufacturers. His work includes designing products, developing procedures, performing tests and advising developers on routes and techniques for attaining product compliance. He has been directly involved with EMC design and compliance evaluation for many systems including several power plants (facilities and equipment qualification), hospitals, presidential aircraft, the Space Shuttle and Hubble Space Telescope. He presents various courses on EMI/EMC compliance including EMC for Nuclear Power Facilities, Architectural Shielding and a hands-on course MIL-STD-461 testing at the WLL facility in Maryland and on-site for multiple government and industrial clients. His work also includes EMC, Environmental and Safety evaluations for commercial, military and medical devices and training of hundreds of personnel on test and evaluation techniques. He has authored several papers on equipment qualification and evaluation techniques with presentations at many conferences. He is a member of the TR-102323 Working Group and supported preparation of Revision 4.

Mark Maynard

Mark Maynard is the Business Development and Marketing Communications Manager at ACB Inc., with a shared role supporting Washington Laboratories in the Business and Training arena. He has over 35 years of telecom, information technology, and compliance engineering experience. Mark is also an IEEE Senior Member, very active in the IEEE EMC Society, an iNARTE certified Product Safety Engineer, and a Past-President of the IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society.